coffee and my favorite movie
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jfc sehun pls control yourself

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Zapraszam serdecznie w piątek (24.10.2014) na godzinę 18:00 na wernisaż mojej wystawy Ciemne ciało jaskółek. Pierwsze piętro kamienicy przy ulicy Stolarskiej 5 w Krakowie. Wejście w bramie prowadzącej do Pasażu Bielaka.
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The pictures, in which I put my models to death with utmost tenderness and precision, always come last.

I lay them gently on their backs, entangle their hands, uncover their faces from every single lock of hair. Let it be luminous, visible and complete. In these photographs every detail is essential and I care for them, for this is an obsession. The last of them was the most beauteous. Under her skin there was the water flowing, making the aquatic flora float with grace. She grasped me with the dozens of her fingers.

I saw her eyes dim with the greenness of the strangest kind.
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Congratulations!! You got mail !!!.. Pup-mail that is!!!

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140914 The Lost Planet in Bangkok

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